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Connecticut Design Studio

Welcome to Lauren Bee Design

Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to your company.

We are a remotely operated design agency based in Enfield, Connecticut. We specialize in artistic branding and optimized website design for creative entrepreneurs and business owners. We use a strategic approach to give your company a unique look that will stand out from competitors.

We work with all kinds of service providers! From logo design for florists to website design for photographers, all the way to an artistic design for an architecture firm, we ensure your industry and personal style is kept in mind throughout the entire process.

Help passionate, creative businesses gain confidence in their digital marketing, increase their prices, and attract their dream customers.

With strategic design, competitor analysis, artistic logo design, website creation that converts, and clever marketing campaigns.

We see you: the work nights that nobody sees. We want to improve your work-life balance by empowering you to charge more and attract the right audience.

Lauren Barnes and the Lauren Bee Design logo

About Lauren Barnes

With expertise creating for companies big (PopSocket, OtterBox and Disney, to name a few!) and small, she found her passion in helping passionate business owners be confident with who they are and show it off with beautiful branding and websites built to convert.

Not only a designer, Lauren has expertise in digital marketing. You can be assured your branding and website will be built to grow your business- and you won’t be the only one pushing for success.

When she’s not working, you can find her at a New York Jets game with her fingers crossed. A big foodie, Lauren is often in the kitchen or enjoying New Haven style pizza.

To learn more about Lauren and Lauren Bee Design, follow us on social media!

Are We a Good Fit?


You want to work with someone who is organized with a set process. You want to easily know what is being done each day and what is needed from you.


You like the closeness of working with and supporting a small business rather than a large company.


You’re savvy enough to join Zoom meetings and follow instructional videos. You’re able to provide feedback within 8 hours or less.

More about our Project Management

Before we start a design project, our clients are added into our management software (Notion) and are given clear tasks before the project start date, such as sending photos and uploading website copy. We typically have 2 meetings before the start date to ensure we are both on the same page.

A 50% project deposit is required to book the start date, and 50% is due once a project is completed. The second payment after the initial deposit can be separated into a payment plan.

More about our Style

Our style is artistic and unique. We use a strategic approach when it comes to your website design, logo design, and digital marketing services. We ask about you, your style, your business, your competitors, and your pain points. We create digital marketing designs that help you solve your problems and stand out from other businesses in your niche.

We use textures, which you’ve been seeing throughout our website. These can be used on your social media, website, print materials, packaging, business cards, you name it. Very, very few Digital Marketing teams utilize textures, so they are a sure way to grab attention and show off your unique personality.

Please visit our portfolio to see more of our style and digital marketing solutions.

My Signature Style?

Timeless meets bold
vintage meets contemporary
Professional meets artistic
Digital Design meets fine art
Pretty meets Edgy