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14,000 Businesses are created every day. Let’s make yours stand out from the competition.

You’re ready to go from DIY to major goals. You want the brand and website that makes your competitors jealous and your dream clients flock to you. Right now, you’ve been DIYing your brand, website, and marketing without much confidence. Is it good? Is it bad? You’ve been winging it and hope that it sticks.

You want to build a business that you are proud of. One that you want to show off. Put your best foot forward with an identity that is so you and so professional, all within just one week.

You’ve spent countless hours creating your business. Now it’s time that your Visual Identity created with the same amount of passion.

You’re great at what you do. It’s our job to make it ready to show off to the world. No more DIY Canva logo, Squarespace website, or marketing. No more winging it with your fonts, colors, and social media posts. We will set you up with everything you need to not only get started, but to thrive with confidence knowing you have a professional brand and a clever, strategic design team ensuring everything is done right.

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The Starter PAck

Perfect for the new small business owner or entrepreneur looking for a smaller, affordable package to get started on the right foot. If you’ve been looking for a place to send potential customers to fill out a form and offer more information, this is the package for you!

Includes a Mini Brand and Squarespace website created in one week. While this package offers less revisions and smaller scale deliverables, it is a great starting point to have a professional presence without the “DIY” look.

One Week Brand

A one week branding intensive to give you a beautiful, unique, and artistic brand that speaks true to you, your business, and your personality- all while making you more professional and valuable while maintaining a budget.

From discovery call and strategy to logo design, textures, and business cards, this package can include everything you need to be confident in your business and achieve your dreams.

One Week Website

Our signature! A custom website built in one week on your favorite platform (WordPress recommended). Your site will not only look great and tie in with your branding, it will perform well. With SEO set up, simple integrations, accessibility, and user-interface design, you’ll have everything you need to thrive.

Perfect for the budget-conscious business owner able to provide prompt feedback and needing a simple website of 6 pages or less. We have the skills to design the website you’ve been dreaming about.

Traditional Website

Perfect for the business owner whose website requires more time than one week. This package includes everything in the One Week Website package, but offers flexibility to integrate unique plug-ins, software, and implement more than 6 pages.

If your website requires additional features such as booking, E-commerce, membership, or more- we have the skills needed to make it happen. Where tech, function, and beauty meet.

Graphic Design

Totally custom packages made for exactly what you need. Some projects we have worked on in the past include:

  • Packaging
  • Presentations
  • PDFs
  • Social Media templates
  • Signage
  • Merchandise
  • Posters
  • Magazine Spreads

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More about our One Week Services

We’ve found that by offering branding in one week and a website in one week, we are able to offer high-end services at an affordable price. We block off an entire week per project to focus solely on you. With this approach, we have also found our clients to be more responsive and excited throughout the process than if it were spread throughout a few months.

Our one week services do require prompt feedback from our clients. We ask for feedback to be given as soon as possible to stay on schedule, but require it within 8 hours from the request.

Before we start a design week, our clients are added into our management software (Notion) and are given clear tasks before the project start date, such as sending photos and uploading website copy. We typically have 2 meetings before the start date to ensure we are both on the same page.

A 50% project deposit is required to book the start date, and 50% is due once a project is completed. The second payment after the initial deposit can be separated into a payment plan.

More about our Style

Our style is artistic and unique. We use a strategic approach when it comes to your website design, logo design, and digital marketing services. We ask about you, your style, your business, your competitors, and your pain points. We create digital marketing designs that help you solve your problems and stand out from other businesses in your niche.

We use textures, which you’ve been seeing throughout our website. These can be used on your social media, website, print materials, packaging, business cards, you name it. Very, very few Digital Marketing teams utilize textures, so they are a sure way to grab attention and show off your unique personality.

Please visit our portfolio to see more of our style and digital marketing solutions.

How it Works


After our discovery call, we will send a contract and receive a 50% deposit to secure your start date. We typically book 2-4 weeks out.


Next, we will set you up in our CMS (Notion) and create a list of requests, which must be provided before your project start date. Often we will have a meeting to go over any questionnaires and materials.


On your start date, we will begin our design process! Our Notion portal will walk you through each day as we work on your new brand and/or website!

Frequently Asked Questions

By default we only offer one main logo concept per brand package. We perform detailed research and dive in deep to who you are, who your target audience is, and what your business goals are. Not only are we confident that we will nail it on the first try because of our detailed process, it also would be impossible to offer another design that is as high-quality as the first. Depending on your package, there are a certain amount of reviews where we will ask for your feedback and adjust our designs accordingly. If you really wish for another concept, we can include it at an extra cost.

We’ve found that every client needs deliverables that are a little different. In our pricing guide PDF and in our intake form we list our starting prices which include everything listed in the guide. We ask for your email to download the pricing guide because we are confident that we will be able to create a solution for you within your budget. Please don’t hesitate to look through the guide and fill out our contact form to talk through your needs, whether it is less or more than our standard offering.

While we try to keep our packages affordable, we do offer a 10% discount to active-duty military and veterans. We will ask for proof of service before applying the discount. Coming from a military family, we are beyond thankful for your service. We do hope to increase this discount amount one day!

Textures and artistic logos are our thing around here! We, of course, package up all logo files as transparent .pngs separate from textures and artistic layouts. However, if you are looking for a different approach, we would be happy to point you in the direction of other designers. You can contact us directly at hello@laurenbeedesign.com.

We aren’t particular about WordPress hosting. If you wish to own your own hosting, domain, and take care of your own maintenance, we can build your website and leave it in your hands with no additional monthly cost. However, lessons/ teaching of maintenance is not included in our packages and can be created for you at an additional cost. We do offer affordable hosting and maintenance plans starting at $35/month.

If you choose to move forward with The Starter package, which includes a Squarespace website, we ask that you purchase your own Squarespace subscription.

We are happy to make any website updates to websites that we created. We have a set hourly rate that will be noted in our contract. We offer flat-fee pricing. If you are looking for any website updates, you can email lauren@laurenbeedesign.com.

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We understand that there is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to your digital marketing. Fill out our inquiry form with as much information as possible in the comment section and we will get back to you with an action plan.

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