Referral Program

We love our past clients, current clients, and their referrals so much that we will pay you for them.

You can make money by telling your friends, family, and coworkers about us.

Make some money. At Lauren Bee, we aren’t afraid to talk about it. And we are as transparent as possible about our pricing. Let us also be transparent about this: we appreciate referrals more than we can express.

Take a peek at the deal below.

You love the work we did for you or your friend. You wish everyone knew about Lauren Bee Design!

You have many network contacts, trust in our services, and would like to make extra income by spreading the word.

You offer services to your clients that work hand-in-hand with ours. You would love someone trustworthy to send them to.

You love supporting small businesses like Lauren Bee Design and hope they thrive.

The Referral Program

We have 2 methods, choose your path.


Offer available on packages worth $1,000+

You love us and want to get our name out there. We will reward you!

For any referral where our customer puts your name in the “referral” space on our contact form, we will reward you with 15% of the total package price (after taxes and expenses). Paid out once the project is complete.

Please fill out the form below so that we can save your contact information.



For the business owner who wants to keep the work under their name. You keep all contact with the client and we keep all of our contact with you.

We will bill you directly at an agreed upon rate (either monthly retainers or set package fees) for you to then upcharge and offer to your client.

Perfect for the busy agency owner or marketing professional.

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