A Fearless Brand and Web Design Studio Helping Your Business Prosper Through Intentional, Artistic Design

Gain Confidence Stand Out Raise Your Prices Look Professional Simplify Your Processes Turn Leads Into Sales

Artistic branding and optimized websites for business owners who want to stand out in their niche and increase revenue.

We use heartfelt, detailed design with an artistic edge. We collaborate, creating a design that is so you. With this deep dive, your branding or website design project is completed just how you like it.

Our strategic approach builds out your brand and tells a story. If your brand was a person, who would they be? Who would they attract? This approach gives our clients the confidence to push their business to the next level, show it off, and raise their prices, all while attracting their dream clients.

No more DIY website and branding. Your dream customers will be begging to work with you- not your competitors. Let’s make it easier to increase revenue sustainably by making you a trustworthy, gorgeous brand and optimized website built to convert.

Our Services

It’s time for your business to thrive. All our designs are custom and made to represent who you are and who your business is. We will bring you in along the way during our design process for consistent feedback.

Branding Design

Where timeless meets contemporary. Vintage meets modern. Our branding is gorgeous, artistic, and professional. Grow your business, gain confidence to show it off, and stand out in your niche. With our organized project management portal, we will guide you through each step, so having a new brand is easier than ever before. It’s time to have a brand that feels so you.

Website Creation

We use advanced technology to bring your brand online. Our sites not only look great, they perform well. With SEO setup, integrations, accessibility, and user-interface design, we will set you up with everything your website needs to thrive. Whether you’re looking for a simple informational site or a website that can handle integrated technology such as E-commerce, membership, bookings, or have a sizable amount of pages, our team has you covered.

Past Projects

View our past work, each a custom design handcrafted with love.

I created Lauren Bee Design for the trailblazer. For the genius entrepreneur. For the brilliant service provider. For the creative business owner who values beautiful design. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

Settle for a phenomenal brand and website.

The Proof is in The Pudding

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Get to Know Our Founder

Meet Lauren. She has experience working with top trusted brands like PopSocket, Otterbox, and Disney. Since then, she has found her love in working with small creative businesses. She takes a strategic approach to her projects, is inspired by fine art and the environment, and isn’t afraid to create something that hasn’t been seen before.

With Experience in the Following Industries:

oil being poured on a back for a massage

Spas and Salons

a woman at a photography studio


vibrant flowers in a vase


nicely decorated home dining room

Interior Designers

a wedding venue with trees

Wedding Venues and Planners

a woman smiling

Coaches And Counselors

clothing hanging on a boutique rack

Boutiques and Beauty Ecommerce

two women scrolling on a phone

Social Media Managers

My Signature Style?

Timeless Meets Edgy Yearning Meets Reality Personality Meets Professional Vintage Meets Contemporary